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Upcoming Special Exhibits

Exhibits at Jewish Museum Milwaukee explore the breadth of the Jewish experience and offer visitors to connect through history, culture and the arts.

Holocaust by Bullets
April 19 – May 23, 2017

Places can be deceiving. Where grass and trees now grow were once scenes of unspeakable horror — killing grounds where more than 2 million human beings were murdered solely for their religion or ethnic heritage. Without our memory, those places and times will be forgotten.

In conjunction with Yahad – In Unum (Together – In One),  the Milwaukee Jewish  Federation presents Holocaust by Bullets, a special exhibition detailing the work to preserve the memories and places in the former Soviet Union where the Nazis killed more than 2.2 million Jewish and Roma people.

Sponsored by Anonymous Foundations, Bader Philanthropies, Inc., and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. Thank you to the additional sponsors who have committed since publishing.

Presented by Milwaukee Jewish Federation; hosted by Jewish Museum Milwaukee; educational support by Nathan Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center; developed by Yahad – In Unum (Together – In One).

Moments & Markers
An Adolph Rosenblatt Retrospective
June 16 – August 27, 2017

“An expressionist salute to humankind at its most lovable and vulnerable, his [Rosenblatt’s] hand painted figures and environments fairly explode with vitality and good-humored affection.” -James Auer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The first retrospective of figurative ceramic art created by Adolph Rosenblatt, Moments & Markers explores the people, places and unscripted occurrences that make Milwaukee exceptional.

Rosenblatt’s sculptures capture a unique window into both historic and contemporary Milwaukee life. His pushing, pinching and painting of clay creates expressive spontaneity and layers of visual depth.

Rosenblatt’s love of human beings and affinity for capturing meaningful moments translates into his largescale installations such as the Oriental Pharmacy Lunch Counter and the balcony of the Oriental Theater.

Blacklist: Hollywood’s Red Scare
Spring 2018

In this originally curated exhibition, Jewish Museum Milwaukee will explore the impact of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Hollywood Blacklist through the biographies of blacklistees and through the work that was considered subversive. This exhibition will coincide with the 70th anniversary of the first HUAC hearings and the start of the Blacklist.

Organized and curated by Jewish Museum Milwaukee.