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Allied in the Fight Resources

Allied in the Fight explores the partnership between Jewish and African American leaders in confronting systematic racism in the United States. The exhibit addresses Black-Jewish collaboration within the Civil Rights Movement and the complicated nature of Jewish contributions to the Civil Rights movement through artifacts, archival materials and information from a national perspective.

In an effort to continue the conversation about race in Milwaukee, Jewish Museum Milwaukee has created resources for you to learn more!

Exhibit Resources:

Recommended Reading for Continued Learning
Get Informed, Volunteer, and Share Dialogue
Video Clip: Vel Phillips Advocating Fair Housing Ordinances in Milwaukee, 1967
Video Clip: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Milwaukee in 1965
Video Clip: Black Nouveau | Exclusive | Crossing the Bridge, William Tisdale on “Covenants”
Video Clip: Father James Groppi and the Historic 1967-68 Open Housing Campaign in Milwaukee
Video Clip: UWM March on Milwaukee Archives: Father Groppi and Commandos on Burning of the Freedom House

Program Resources:

Video of Program: Bud Selig Speaks about Integration of Major League Baseball
Video of Program: Reggie Jackson Explains MKE Redlining History
Video: “City Within a City: When Pretty Soon Runs Out”
Powerpoint from Margaret “Peggy” Rozga on MKE Open Housing Marches
Powerpoint from Marc Levine of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Economic Development
Fair Housing Council of Wisconsin
Civil Rights History Bus Tour of Milwaukee – Itinerary with commentary
Civil Rights History Bus Tour Map

Voice Your Opinion to HUD:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Delay Fair Housing until 2020
Comments must be received by March 6; reference title and docket number:
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing:
Extension of Deadline for Submission of Assessment of Fair Housing for Consolidated Plan 
Docket No. FR-5173-N-15
Send to: Office of General Counsel, Regulations Division
Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street SW, Room 10276
Washington, DC 20410-0001