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Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Obituary Index

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
Obituaries and Deaths reported 1921-1996

This listing of over 15,500 deaths reported in the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle between 1921 – the inception of the newspaper – and 1996 – the paper’s Diamond Anniversary year – includes both news stories and obituaries of Wisconsin Jews (or those with Wisconsin connections).

The names are listed as found in the paper. Maiden names of wives are shown if printed or by interpolation from siblings. If titles are listed, they are as shown – occupational or military.

In all cases, the date is the date of publication, NOT the date of death. A letter after the publication date indicates the following: P = picture; A = a memorial advertisement; c = correction; ** = military re-internment.

Jewish Museum Milwaukee would like to thank Manning Bookstaff for his work in developing this index.  Full copies of the obituaries listed in this index are available at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee Archives. To receive a copy of a specific listing, please contact the museum archivist at