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Field trips are always a treat, providing a break from classroom routine while offering the opportunity to learn in a new, different and effective way. You felt this way when you were in school, and students still feel this way about field trips, but the current funding climate in education makes it much more difficult for students to reap the benefits of outside educational opportunities. Last year the Jewish Museum Milwaukee welcomed almost 3000 students from 80 schools. Sadly, there are many, many more who could not afford the trip.

Field trips to the Museum give students access to primary sources and direct connections to curriculum, while centering on themes that are relevant to students today, such as, immigration, exclusion, religious freedom, and community. These themes resonate with students and a museum visit supports them in processing complex historical events. Field trips present students with opportunities to engage with the material in ways that are not possible in a classroom.

The Jewish Museum Milwaukee invites you to assist students gain access to quality education by donating to the Museum’s Beverly Greenberg Education Fund. The fund will allow the Museum to offer funding to schools that otherwise could not offer their students this extraordinary opportunity.

Get on board with…

  • A $5 donation to pay for one child’s experience- (a seat on the bus)
  • $125 covers the cost of one bus (you can be the driver)
  • $275 will pay for the entire trip (bus and admission)


Get on the Bus Today; make your donation to share the gift of education here.