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Designing Justice

A curriculum exploring Social Justice through the artwork of Luba Lukova

You have to be involved. With all your intellect and all of your emotions. Luba Lukova 

Jewish Museum Milwaukee is delighted to present Luba Lukova: Designing Justice from September 16, 2020 to January 31, 2021. This exhibit uses Lukova bold poster art to explore many of the large issues affecting our city, state, country, and world.  Luba Lukova was born in Communist-occupied Bulgaria. She couldn’t work where she wanted or was limited in the scope of what she could do.  Many of the pieces that will be on display at JMM were part of Lukova’s Social Justice Portfoliowhich were inspired by the desire for change in our society, by the enormous activity of the people and their will to make a difference.”  

Lukova’s deceptively simple shapes push visitors to look at them and look again. She uses visual puns to create a shared language around peace, disparity, love, healthcare, the environment, and immigration. The lessons focused on this artwork offers strategies for your students to engage inquiry, analysis, and response. 

Explore the artwork inspired by Luba Lukova here.

How to Use this Exhibit and Curriculum

Through Designing Justice, your students will have the chance to engage with Lukova’s art and consider issues impacting our communities. This project is connected to Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Fine Arts Standards. There are elements that can be done via Zoom or Google Meet and other pieces that can be done asynchronously or in classes. You can decide which pieces you would like to bring to your students. This curriculum provides different learning models, designed to engage all types of learners. We want to see how your students are responding; their art and response will be part of an online exhibit highlight community artwork. 


Collateral for Your Classroom