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Virtual Tours

JMM prides itself on its dynamic, engaging tours in person or virtually. JMM can customize these programs for your groups. Tours can be adapted for different youth and adults.  The tours are interactive, and allow each participant to ask questions and share ideas with the group throughout the session as if they were taking an in-person tour. The tours can be stand-alone sessions, or can we can work with you to build an ongoing program exploring key museum themes such as immigration, social justice, or the Holocaust.

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Trace Jewish Immigration to Milwaukee and learn how this fits in with broad national trends. Through family stories and personal narratives, you will learn about the 

The Settlement Cookbook

The most successful fundraising cookbook in America started as cooking lessons for immigrant girls. Get to know this iconic book written by Milwaukee’s own Lizzie Kander.

Golda Meir: From Milwaukee to the World Stage

From Milwaukee to the world stage, this program develops Golda Meir’s story from her childhood in Milwaukee to her political path as the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

Understanding the Holocaust

Using JMM’s permanent collection, this tour uses stories from Milwaukee survivors to understand the broader context of the Holocaust. This tour will help establish timeline and personalize the impact of the Holocaust on individuals.


JMM has created a tours to explore special exhibits that have been curated by the Museum or individualized by the Museum. 

The Hollywood Blacklist

In conjunction with JMM’s traveling exhibit, Blacklist: The Hollywood Red Scare, this lecture focuses on how censorship impacted American culture during the Red Scare and decades after.

Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini

Tells the story of how Ehrich Weiss became Harry Houdini and investigates the technologies, marketing prowess and entertainment trends that transformed him into a superstar.

Stitching History From the Holocaust

In conjunction with the award winning exhibit, Stitching History From the Holocaust, explores thwarted immigration and talent lost during the Holocaust through the story of a Czech dressmaker.

Luba Lukova: Designing Justice

Explore contemporary issues like immigration, poverty, healthcare, the environment, and more through Luba Lukova’s bold poster art.

The Girl in the Diary: Searching for Rywka from the Lodz Ghetto

Gain insight into the horror of the Lodz Ghetto through the diary of one young girl who lived there. This exhibit was curated by the Galicia Jewish Museum and highlights the challenges of Holocaust research and attempts to discover what happened to Rywka?