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Conversation Starters: Amit Yaniv-Zehavi on Yom Ha ‘atzmaut 2020

Date(s) - Wednesday, April 29th
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm



Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, this year will look different around the world, and especially in Israel. How is Yom Ha’atzmaut traditionally celebrated in Israel and what alternative approaches are being employed in 2020? Through insights to online happenings, unique events, activities and approaches taking place on kibbutzim and in urban centers, Amit Yaniv-Zehavi, Associate Director at G2 Israel and former Israel emissary to Milwaukee, will share her observations and experiences about how people are staying connected and uniting to celebrate this momentous holiday. She will also provide updates on projects and initiatives she is currently working on.

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Amit Yaniv-Zehavi
Associate Director, G2 Israel
Amit currently also serves as the Associate Director for the Yoav/Lehigh Valley Partnership. She was born in the USA, and made Aliya at age 10, growing up in Rehovot. Amit is married and a mother of three. She is a member of Kibbutz Tzora and graduate of Nahal Army corps. She has been a part of the Partnership2Gether family since 2007, starting her career as People-to-People Coordinator for the Beit Shemesh/Mateh Yehuda/South Africa P2G. She served as Community Emissary (Shlicha) for The Jewish Federation of Milwaukee for three years, there worked with Sovev Kinneret P2G. She holds a Masters in Group Leadership via the Arts. In her free time, she enjoys making art from reused materials. She loves people, film, nature & art.


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