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Critical Conversation Starter: The Evolving Role and Impact of Philanthropic and Non-Profit Organizations

Date(s) - Tuesday, November 10th
7:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST



Philanthropic and non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin provide significant services, opportunities and support in multiple ways. Here in Milwaukee, the diverse missions and outreach of Bader Philanthropies, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and United Way address key issues including employment, education, transportation and health care.

The pandemic and protests against systemic racism have amplified these issues and the disproportionate way in which communities already struggling are being further negatively impacted. These organizations are part of response initiatives coordinating and expanding access to these fundamental needs – the resulting efforts are visible through the projects they support and the demonstrated ways that they lead by example.

Join us for a panel discussion including the following participants:
– Frank Cumberbatch, Bader Philanthropies
– Ian Bautista, Greater Milwaukee Foundation
– Nicole Angresano, United Way

Tuesday, November 10, 7pm CT
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This program is free and open to the public.
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Critical Conversation Starters: Social Justice Series

Take an in-depth look at the plight and fight surrounding fundamental human and civil rights issues taking place around the country and in Milwaukee. In this engaging, edifying series, national, community and organizational leaders, will discuss vital social justice topics – historical, novel, amplified, systemic, evolving – amid a time of unrest and uncertainty. Prejudicial treatment, cultural bias, accessibility, and opportunity barriers are social ills that can and must be addressed. Hear about the impact on Milwaukee, how diverse organizations are involved, and what services and initiatives are in place and being developed to combat these ails and effect positive change.

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