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Wall to Wall: How Mural Art is Changing MKE’s Cityscape

Date(s) - Tuesday, August 24th
7:00 pm CDT - 8:15 pm CDT


dsc0801-version-2Murals create a tangible sense of place, adding color, vibrancy, and character to dense areas of concrete and asphalt in urban environments. Murals bring communities together projecting a collective voice of resilience and inspiration to the neighborhoods surrounding them. Over the last several years, Milwaukee has embraced the power of murals adding more and more of these dynamic messages to our streets. These murals are changing the face of the city, adding colorful dimensions and stories that were previously hidden and untold. 

Join Stacey Williams-Ng, founder of Black Cat Alley, for a moderated panel discussion featuring three prominent local mural artists who are on the front lines telling the story of our city. Panelists include: 

Daisy Gertel, whose murals can be seen throughout Milwaukee including “Westown in Bloom” on Wisconsin Ave and “In Full Bloom” featured in Black Cat Alley, is known for her vibrant use of color to explore the in-between spaces of identity, acceptance and belonging. Check out this video featuring Daisy’s work on “Westown in Bloom.” 

Reynaldo Hernandez is the creator of one of Milwaukee’s most recognizable murals, the “Mural of Peace” seen while driving Interstate 43, and uses  themes of strength, perseverance, and inner peace in the face of adversity in his art. Check out this short video featuring Reynaldo’s mural art.

Tia Richardson, one of Milwaukee’s most notable community muralists and creator of the “Sherman Park Rising” mural on Center Street, engages the community in a powerful practice of transforming their own neighborhoods through the act of creation, forging common bonds and promoting healing. Check out this video featuring Tia’s work on the “Rockford Taking Flight” mural seen at SecondFirst Church at 318 N. Church Street.

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In connection with  Brother, Can You Spare a Dime: Jewish Artists of the WPA, an exhibit on display at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, June 17 – September 5, 2021.

About Emma Daisy Gertel
Visual artist and muralist—Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daisy is known for creating playful works by using vibrant color to depict plants and girls. Across mediums, her work moves between loose and gestural to stylized and structured. Daisy’s work is influenced by her education in fashion design, community arts, and cultural development. For over a decade she served as an arts facilitator, creative director and co-executive director for a Milwaukee youth arts 501c3. Much of her current work explores the spaces in between, a reflection on acceptance and belonging and her experience as a Korean American adoptee. 

Daisy maintains a studio practice in Milwaukee at Var West Gallery and shows work regularly. Her murals can be found anywhere from street art tourist destinations to schools, businesses and private residences across the country. Daisy aims to create works both public and private that are a reflection of beauty, inspire possibility, celebrate life, spread joy and encourage human connection. Visit to learn more.

About Reynaldo Hernandez
Since childhood, Reynaldo possessed a “God-given talent” for the arts. Reynaldo majored in commercial art at Boys’ Tech High School. Then attended M.A.T.C. and Parson’s School of Design in New York. During his twelve years as a graphic artist for WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, ten of those years were spent as a courtroom sketch artist. Then Reynaldo turned his back on a career as a commercial artist in favor of more meaningful work. Nowadays you will find the much-in-demand muralist, educator, and cultural worker creating public art that contributes to the cultural and visual growth of Wisconsin communities.

Many of Reynaldo’s murals are collaborative projects having taught and worked with hundreds of youths from elementary, middle, and high school students to street gangs. He has worked with residents in correctional institutions, mental health complexes and nursing homes. In 1988 Reynaldo received the President’s Award from the Milwaukee Art Commission for his “murals throughout the city depicting the ideals and dreams of citizens of all ages and races, and for his sensitive work with children and adults as an artist in our community.” 

Reynaldo Hernandez has created close to 150 indoor and outdoor murals throughout his career.

About Tia Richardson
Tia Richardson is a full-time community mural artist based in Milwaukee, WI working locally and beyond. In 2003 she graduated with an Associates degree in Graphic Design from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Since 2007 her work has evolved into completing over 50 mural projects for non-profits, businesses, government agencies, K-12 and post-secondary schools. Tia’s art is a collaborative effort offering people from all walks of life a chance to work together towards a common goal by sharing their perspectives. In 2018 the Milwaukee Arts Board awarded Tia Artist of the Year and recently a short film she produced called ‘Rockford Taking Flight’ about one of her projects screened during the 2021 Beloit International Film Festival. Visit to learn more.

About Stacey Williams-Ng
Stacey Williams-Ng is a multidisciplinary artist living in Tennessee, with a specialty in visual storytelling. She is a co-founder of Milwaukee’s Black Cat Alley, an artist-led street art destination that has since become one of the city’s top tourist destinations. Stacey is especially passionate about public art, and has painted murals as far away from home as Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Hobart (Tasmania). From 2016–2020, she was the founder and director of Wallpapered City, an arts agency that helped neighborhoods and communities to install monumental art for placemaking.

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