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This exhibit uses the narrative of one couple to explore the Holocaust. Through the story of Hedwig and Paul Strnad, visitors will build their understanding of transcontinental connections, Bohemian Jewish history, Theresienstadt concentration camp and the fashion industry in Czechoslovakia. The following messages are central to this exhibit:

1) Each victim of the Holocaust has his/her own story that deserves to be remembered.

2) The Holocaust not only took human lives, but also their contributions to our world.

3) The material items around us are an important means of remembering and discerning information about culture and history (drawn designs, dresses, photos, letters, recordings, etc.) .

4) The actions of people in our world today can meaningfully help to remember those lost.

Stitching History From the Holocaust is an original exhibition developed by Jewish Museum Milwaukee.


Stitching History From the Holocaust Rental Information

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Space required: A minimum of 550 square feet

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Shipping: Host venues are responsible for roundtrip or one-way shipping reflective of the existing number of bookings and travel schedule

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Security: Medium

Standard Rental Length: 12 weeks


  • Educator’s Guide, including information for teachers and students
  • Exhibitor Toolkit including logo, press releases, sample advertisements, rights-free images
  • Installation and Design Manual with installation videos and instructions
  • Link to exhibit website
  • Program calendar for exhibit at JMM
  • Wholesale products for sale, including catalog