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Dear Friends of Jewish Museum Milwaukee,

JEWISH MUSEUM MILWAUKEE MATTERS: With the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S, hate speech and white nationalist activities learning about and from Jewish history is more important than ever. JMM provides resources to people throughout the Milwaukee area and beyond. We bring important and timely issues to the fore, concentrating on four areas that provide opportunities for fact-finding, critical thinking, conversation and community.


According to the 2017 Anti-Defamation League report anti-Semitic incidents rose by 57% in 2017. The permanent exhibit and related school workshops educate visitors and school children on the facts regarding the Holocaust and on anti-Semitism in America through the years.

The expanded Stitching Histories From the Holocaust exhibit this past summer identified key United States immigration policies which limited immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe in the first part of the 20th century—introducing these policies for the first time to many visitors. Programming explored poignant contemporary immigration issues facing diverse populations.

VOICES MATTERdsc0801-version-2
JMM is a place to hear from people of all backgrounds—from survivor speakers sharing their experiences with student groups to the students themselves sharing their family’s immigration stories. We connect the broad themes of the Museum to what our visitors have lived and felt. We elicit these voices to make our work and relationships stronger, through written and recorded response and conversations at programs and through tours.

Anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred take many dsc0801-version-2shapes and disguises. As this quote from the current Blacklist: The Hollywood Red Scare exhibit demonstrates, dog whistles are not new in American politics, but the depths of the internet make it easier to connect with xenophobic tropes. JMM offers a vehicle to explore this topic historically and to debunk stereotypes then and now.

“One of the names was Danny Kaye, and we found out his real name was David Daniel Kaminsky. There is one who calls himself Edward Robinson. His real name is Emanuel Goldenberg…….” – Representative John Rankin of the House on Un American Activities Committee when discussing unfriendly witnesses.

EMPATHY MATTERSdsc0801-version-2
The special exhibit Allied in the Fight: Jews, Blacks and the Struggle for Civil Rights in spring of 2018 was in connection with the citywide initiative marking the 50th anniversary of Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches. It celebrated collaborations between the African-American and Jewish communities during the Civil Rights era. Programming explored the issues that continue to plague the African-American community and asked patrons how they could be an ally and/or take action to effect positive change.

YOU MATTER to all of us at JMM.

Whether through visiting, volunteering, becoming a member, donating to or utilizing the archive your engagement makes our work worthwhile. Your year-end gift will help us continue to educate and converse about timely and timeless topics today. All gifts up to the first $15,000 will be matched by a generous anonymous donor. Help us reach our $30,000 goal! It’s easy to give:

Best wishes and thank you for all you do for JMM!

Anneliese Dickman, Board President
Patti Sherman-Cisler, Executive Director