Note Cards featuring “The Prophet Jeremiah” Tapestry by Marc Chagall


8 Note Cards with Envelopes

Each note card features a high-resolution image of The Prophet Jeremiah tapestry created by Marc Chagall and a blank interior for personalized notes. The backside of the card includes a description of the tapestry.

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This tapestry, entitled The Prophet Jeremiah and created by Marc Chagall, was designed especially for the atrium of the Evan and Marion Helfaer Community Service Building where Jewish Museum Milwaukee is housed.

Chagall graciously consented to design this work of art in 1972 after being contacted several times at his home near Nice, France by Albert B. Adelman. Evan Helfaer commissioned it.

Each card features a high-resolution image of the tapestry and a blank interior for personalized notes as well as a description of the tapestry on the backside of the card.

Marc Chagall himself interpreted the meaning of his tapestry:

  • “The image of the prophet tells of the history of the chosen people of God and in the pages are written the prophecies of Peace, of Wisdom, and of the comprehension between all the peoples of the earth for the future.”
  • “The red bird symbolized the joy and the hope and he seems to sing the Song of Songs.”
  • “The color red of the bird makes an allusion to the long sufferings of the Jewish people in their travels through the centuries, of their sacrifices and of their innocence.”
  • “In painting the woman, I have thought of the women of the Bible, of Madame Golda Meir, and of all the valiant women of the earth. In depicting the other woman, my thoughts go to Madame Helfaer.”
  • “The blue represents the color of Hope and the new Israel.”
  • “The other bird, the blue, symbolizes the hope of life, of truth, and of good fortune for all humanity.”
  • “The moon, in another era in my life, permitted us to dream of a better future.”

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