Silver Bird Hamsa Key Ring from The Israel Museum


HELP US SUPPORT THE ISRAEL MUSEUM during this difficult time. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem was forced to temporarily close its doors on October 7, after the terrorist attacks by Hamas. Every purchase of an Israel Museum product supports their staff and the artists they work with.

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Inspired by an object made in Jerusalem in the 19th century, this hamsa, modeled on part of a synagogue lamp pendant, two birds flank a Star of David, in the center of which is the Hebrew letter heh – the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and an abbreviation of God’s name. Stylized birds are a familiar decorative motif in Jewish ceremonial art. Amulets, like these, were created to shield those in the vicinity from natural disasters, spells, and evil spirits and to protect their families and property. Some aimed at curing illness or infertility, while others guarded travelers, invoked blessings, or aroused love.

  • Made in Israel
  • Sterling Silver

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